Chloé + Laura | Marathon Music Works 


Let me start by saying if there was ever a day I wish I could go back & relive, it would be Chloé + Laura's wedding day. Their family + friends were absolutely incredible. The kindest + most accepting people I'm pretty sure I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I truly could not be more blessed to get the privilege to witness such pure + great love between such beautiful people. Not to mention the incredible staff + vendors at Marathon Music Works including the FABULOUS Erin Lennon. She is an incredible, sweet soul that is extremely talented in day of wedding planning. Chloé + Laura were just so in love, you could truly feel it! I LOVE when I get this true + powerful feeling from a couple while I'm shooting. 

Chloé + Laura, it was my absolute pleasure working with you on this unforgettable day. I wish you both nothing but more love, happiness, health + peace!

Please stay to see their day. You will fall in love with these beauties just like I did: